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Sony's CEO wants managers' blood to boil

In a call to the troops to innovate and take bold steps, Howard Stringer wants his army of managers to "get mad," according to a Wall Street Journal report.

Sony's CEO Howard Stringer is bringing new meaning to the term "anger management."

Howard Stringer
Howard Stringer

He wants Sony managers to get mad, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal.

Anger-passion, combined with energy, innovation, imagination, and bold steps, is the ticket to get Sony back on track as it sets out its next three-year growth plan, Stringer is cited as having told the company's staff of more than 1,000 managers during a closed-door annual management meeting in Japan.

"I'm asking you to get mad," Stringer said, according to the Journal report.

The electronics giant is facing greater pricing competition on the TV front, while Apple is giving it a run for its money on the innovation front.

To fight back, Sony has unveiled such products as an ultrathin TV screen that resembles a flat-screen computer monitor and a plethora of devices in February at its electronics open house in Las Vegas.