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Sony's 4,096x2,400 resolution projector

Sony's 4,096x2,400 resolution projector is NOT the consumer projector to invest in, well, unless you have $100k to burn.

Sony SRX-R105's size comparison
The Sony SRX-R105 is not only expensive but enormous Cine4Home

Unless you have room for a 50-foot screen in your swanky penthouse, this projector probably will not be very practical--at least, not right now. Sony's SRX-R105, running around $100k, is the latest generation of so-called 4K projectors, named as such because of their 4,096x2,400 resolution. That's greater than 9 million pixels, or more than four times the resolution of 1080p displays. Hmm, I wonder if Kristen Dunst looks any better in Spider-Man 3 (one only a few movies natively available in this format) at this level of detail.

Such 4K projectors are intended for professional applications--namely, your local movie theater. The install base is small but growing, partly because native 4K movies are still few and far between. In the meantime, the projectors are being used to upscale lower-resolution digital movies. Still, the promise of cinematic resolution may be too much for ultimate videophiles to resist. If you're one of those deep-pocketed few who wants to make your buddies even more envious, you could always buy one and install it yourself. But please don't forget to invite me over to see Kristen Dunst. I'll bring the popcorn.

Source: AVS Forum via Electronic House