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Sony XBR9 streams Internet video, costs a mint

The Sony KDL-XBR9 series includes extensive built-in Internet streaming as well as Yahoo widgets, but it doesn't come cheap.

Sony's KDL-XBR9 boasts scads of Internet-powered extras. CNET

Sony has always reserved its XBR moniker for its most expensive HDTVs, and the 2009 KDL-XBR9 lineup is no exception. These sets cost a bundle, and while they deliver plenty of features, including a lot of built-in interactive add-ons, they can't match the video quality of the best plasma and LED-backlit LCDs on the market, nor the ultrathin style of Samsung's edge-lit LED models.

The Sony KDL-XBR9 series exhibited respectable enough performance, to be sure, and we're sure gadget freaks will find a lot to like about its streaming capabilities and its Yahoo Widgets, but if you don't care about those extras, it's hard to justify the high price tag.

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