Sony X-Series Walkman hands-on photos

Check out an exhaustive hands-on photo gallery of the Sony Walkman X-Series shot by France's Le Journal du Geek.

Photo of Sony X-Series Walkman.
The Sony X-Series touch screen Walkman gets thoroughly handled by a bunch of lucky Parisians. Le Journal du Geek

Remember that X-Series Walkman that Sony kept behind protective glass at this year's CES like it was the Mona Lisa? The one I swore would never actually hit the states? The one that U.K.'s Stuff Magazine had to fly to Sony headquarters in Japan just so they could fondle the prototype (see below)? Well, the lucky bastards at France's Le Journal du Geek actually got their hands on a legitimate version of the X-Series Walkman and then proceeded to photograph the living bejeezus out of it. [Correction: Sony has confirmed with us that the X-Series unit in these photos is a prototype.]

We're going to take the high road and not republish the images here (with the above exception), so head over to their site for a complete, poorly translated hands-on that includes some comparison shots with the equally-anticipated Samsung P3. I'm steaming with envy, but I have to hand it to these guys for getting the scoop.