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Sony updates PS3 firmware to fix bugs and add features

Sony makes some fixes and adds a few new features to the PlayStation 3.

Sony PlayStation 3
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I woke up this morning and clicked on the System Update icon on my PS3 and lo and behold, the rumored 1.5 firmware update was available for download. Unfortunately, Sony doesn't offer a change log saying exactly what the firmware update does, but there are plenty of tidbits out there on blogs from PS3 enthusiasts.

The biggest issue that the update fixes involves backward-compatibility with PSOne and PS2 titles, some of which looked like garbage on HDTVs when played on the PS3. Titles that didn't support 480p output exhibited loads of artifacts and jaggies. Allegedly, all that's cleaned up now.

PS3 Fanboy lists these additional changes:

  • You can now set an image/photo for their user ID.
  • Edy support added.
  • Operation Sound added to sound settings.
  • Delete Backup Data added to backup utilities.
  • WEP128, WPA-PSK (TKIP), and WPA-PSK(AES) can now utilize AOSS.
  • Your login password can be saved without setting the system to log you in automatically.
  • Korean keyboard setting available.

We assume the above list is incomplete. Hopefully, Sony will put out an official change log soon, as well as update its System Software page for the PS3.