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Sony updates B-Series Walkman for Japan

A new model of the Sony B-Series Walkman MP3 player is revealed in Japan.

Photo of the Sony B-Series Walkman MP3 player.
The Sony B-Series Walkman in all it's multi-hued, torpedo-shaped glory. Sony

No one knows if the "B" in B-Series stands for budget or boring, but both are fitting descriptions for Sony's lowest-tier Walkman MP3 player. Still, in these troubled times, the world needs cheap, pretty things, and Sony is doing its best to breathe some new life into the wallet-friendly Walkman.

The latest refresh of the Sony B-Series Walkman has only been announced for Japan (so far) and lacks pricing and release date information. Typically, the B-Series sells in the U.S. at around $45 to $60, and judging from the latest specs, we wouldn't expect anything different from these new models. You're looking at the same 2GB of storage, FM radio, integrated USB stick, and limited file support (MP3, WMA) as the previous model, with slightly improved battery life (18 hours) and the same Zappin' song preview technology used in Sony's head-hugging W-Series Walkman.

(Via Akihabara News)