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Sony to debut Vaio hybrid tablet soon

A trusted source informs CNET of a seriously sexy Windows 8 computer coming from Sony as soon as this week.

Expect to see this soon.

Sony plans to debut a convertible Windows 8 tablet as soon as this week, a source tells CNET.

The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, confirmed the same device that made an appearance today on the mobile news Web site Pocketnow, which published a series of images showing off a convertible tablet called the "Vaio Duo 11."

Building upon Pocketnow's leak, our source informed us that Sony plans to debut Vaio Duo 11 at the massive European consumer electronics show IFA 2012 on August 31 (and also potentially at a N.Y. press event).

While details are scant, CNET did learn that the Vaio Duo 11 sports an 11-inch touch screen and slides up from tablet mode with just a simple pull at the top of the display. The source noted that the hybrid device contains front and rear cameras and a backlit keyboard, and offers Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC connectivity. The Duo also works with a stylus (pen), as evidenced in the leaked Pocketnow photos.

Our source suggests the convertible tablet could include an Intel Core i5 processor (and possibly something more powerful), and noted that Sony may likely play different processors in different regions. While the Duo will likely feature Windows 8, it may also come in a Windows RT flavor if Sony offers a version of the device with an ARM processor.

Sony followers may remember seeing a version of this hybrid convertible tablet at CES 2012, as seen in the gallery below. A leaked advertisement also showed off a similar-looking computer in March.