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Sony to ax 20,000 jobs globally

The job reduction will occur partially through retirements and limiting new hires. Also: Two Japan factories that produce CRTs will switch to assembling TVs.

Sony will cut up to 20,000 jobs worldwide as part of a companywide reform policy.

The job reduction will occur partially through the retirement of older staff and by limiting new hires, according to online site Mainichi Daily News.

Two factories in Japan that produce cathode ray tubes (CRT) used in TV and computer displays will next year switch to assembling televisions. Demand for CRT displays is falling as consumers switch to LCDs (liquid crystal displays) and plasma displays, the report said.

There are seven Sony CRT plants worldwide, with two each in Japan and the United States, and one each in China, the United Kingdom and Singapore. Sony's representatives in Singapore could not comment on how the moves will affect the rest of the Asia-Pacific.

The moves are expected to be included in a reform plan the electronics giant will announce on Oct. 28, which will affect operations up to 2005, the report said.

CNETAsia staff reported from Singapore.