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Sony STR-DN1010: New HDMI features, but a step behind competitors

CNET reviews the Sony STR-DN1010, finding that Sony's midrange AV receiver improves on its predecessor with new HDMI features like standby pass-through and 3D compatibility, but lacks a compelling reason to pick it over its competitors.

Sony STR-DN1010
Sony STR-DN1010 Sarah Tew/CNET

When Sony announced its 2010 line of AV receivers in February, the STR-DN1010 was the first AV receiver announced with 3D pass-through capability, and it was a step-up feature over Sony's STR-DH810. Since then, however, 3D compatibility has become commonplace, trickling down to receivers as inexpensive as Denon's $250 AVR-391 and Pioneer's $230 VSX-520-K.

That largely tells the story of Sony's midrange AV receiver, which is certainly an improvement over last year's STR-DN1000, but lags in comparison with competitors, which offer more HDMI inputs, better sound quality, and easy iPod/iPhone connectivity. Even its once best-in-class graphical user interface has now been surpassed by the new menus found on the Yamaha RX-V667. If you're a fan of the Sony brand, there's nothing wrong with the STR-DN1010 and it still offers a good value, but there are better options available in the same price range for the majority of buyers.

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