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Sony rocks the vote in West Hollywood

Last night, Sony sponsored the launch of MTV's Rock the Vote campaign in West Hollywood, Calif.

We have to hand it to Sony: the company latched onto the notion of computers as fashion accessories well before colorful Inspirons were even a glint in Michael Dell's eye. We weren't exactly surprised, consequently, to receive an invitation from Sony to attend a launch party for MTV's Rock the Vote campaign, hosted by Christina Aguilera, at hipster West Hollywood boutique Kitson.

Sony VAIO FZ series

As tech journalists, we rarely rub elbows with bona fide celebrities (Wil Wheaton notwithstanding). But while the paparazzi and star-struck teenyboppers fawned over a gang of pubescent boys who we can only assume were in a band (seriously, we still don't know who they were), we sipped a sidecar and geeked out over the FZ series laptops scattered throughout the venue. In use were the recently announced Eco Series laptops, as well as the limited-edition versions designed and painted by Maya Hayuk. Our favorite design was "Grow"; the picture here doesn't do justice to the lid, which truly looks like a work of art.

The computers ostensibly were there so attendees could register to vote online. But the groovy laptops seemed so in place among the designer rags, we have to imagine the event sold a few VAIOs as well. After all, if you're willing to spend $400 on jeans, a fashion-forward $2,000 laptop looks like a bargain.