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Sony PSP Go: First Look video

We get a little hands-on time with the PSP Go and talk with Sony PlayStation rep Al De Leon, who gives us a quick tour of Sony's upcoming portable gaming console, which hits stores in October.

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Sony's got an early demo unit of the PSP Go floating around New York, and we got to spend a little time with it--and Sony PlayStation team rep Al De Leon.

We don't have anything new or earth-shattering to report other than to say we like the smaller design, and the PSP Go does feel pretty good resting in your hands. Oh, and we also have some video shot with a Flip UltraHD (sorry the tight shots aren't sharper but the Flip just isn't good at close-ups).

The PSP Go ($250) is set for release this October and we should have a review up the day it launches. In the meantime, you can read our substantial preview.

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