Sony prepping for Walkman refresh

The company is preparing to launch an update for several of its high-end Walkman devices, according to FCC certification documents it filed last week.

Christopher MacManus
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Christopher MacManus
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Exclusive rear image of upcoming Walkman A series. FCC/Sony

Sony is preparing to launch an update for several of its high-end Walkman devices, according to FCC certification documents filed last week by the company.

The unannounced music players include models in the Walkman A and S series, which have had advanced features in the past such as an OLED screen, long battery life, and noise-cancelling technology. The Japanese company often refreshes its line of portable music players around this time each year.

What is most surprising could be the introduction of the Walkman A series in the U.S., as it sold in other major territories around the world for several years but has been missing stateside for several product cycles.

What we know is that Sony will offer four models of the luxury audio/video player: NWZ-A864 (8GB), NWZ-A865 (16GB), NWZ-A866 (32GB), and NWZ-A867 (64GB). The A867 would be the highest-capacity PMP Sony has ever offered in North America.

CNET has also learned that the refreshed A860 series Walkman will feature a large OLED touch screen, noise-cancelling technology, and integrated Bluetooth 2.0. There is no indication that Wi-Fi will be integrated.

Surprisingly, this will not be the fabled Android Walkman, as the FCC documents note the integrated CPU will be underwhelming. It will most likely have the same user interface as past Walkman devices, and also have six buttons on the right side of the unit. Several colors will be available for the series, including black, white, pink, and other shades available across the various models, the documents show.

The Walkman S. FCC/Sony

As for the S Series, things are a little less clear. Sony's FCC documents for this model note that there will be two versions: NWZ-S764 (8GB), and NWZ-S765 (16GB). The refreshed S will have a LCD screen, audio and video playback, and have Bluetooth 2.0. Expect a range of colors including black, white, and violet.

Pricing for each variant of the A and S series have been discovered through Amazon, which accidentally jumped the gun and posted the prices online. The 8GB A864 will be $225; the 16GB A865 will go for $267, the 32GB A866 for $352, and the 64GB A867 for $494. Meanwhile, the more budget-friendly S series 8GB S764 will likely cost $182, and the 16GB will come in at $211.

It's worth noting these are direct currency conversions from the euro, which do not reflect potential pricing in the U.S.