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Sony plans to boost production of ultra-thin TVs

Medium to large OLED screens are in the works for next year.


That recent report questioning the longevity of Sony's OLED television displays apparently has done little to deter the company's headlong rush into the new technology.

The company is reportedly spending $210 million to manufacture medium to large versions of the paper-thin displays in fiscal 2009, according to Engadget. That's a big step up for the screens, which use less power and are far more flexible than plasmas or LCDs. To date the only OLED TV actually available for purchase has a display that measure just 11 inches--the XEL-1--hardly a size that can compete in a market where 42- and 50-plus inch models seem the norm.

The move comes none too soon, because Sony will need to step up production if it hopes to make a dent with OLED TVs in the near future. At the current price of $2,500 for an 11-inch screen, there's a dire need to create demand in a hypercompetitive business.