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Sony Muteki DIY DJ systems

Sony Muteki is geared toward Latinos, but why?

LBT-ZX80D component system
LBT-ZX80D component system

Sony unveiled new Muteki do-it-yourself DJ systems that will be available from and Sony retail stores.

Sony said in its press release that the Muteki is "perfect for getting any party started," but then particularly adds that it has created the Muteki with the "Latin culture" in mind. The Muteki systems also include a "festive companion for Hispanic fiestas like quinceaneras and Cinco de Mayo."

Why does Sony particularly point out that the Muteki is good for the "Latin culture?" What about all the sweet sixteen parties, block parties, barn raisings, college parties and bar and bat mitzvah parties that go on in this country? Is Sony saying that Latinos are the only group who likes to have parties with DIY music and the possibility of Karaoke thrown in?

The LBT-ZX80D system with 800 watts of power will be available in May for around $700. It has a Karaoke feature, 3-DVD player, and supports DixX and MP3 formats, Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II, Digital Cinema Sound systems and DTS decoding for DVDs. The system lights pulse to the beat and an air system allows for ventilation. The Karaoke feature will also rate singers based on rhythm.

The MHC-LX10000 has 520 watts of power, two speakers and a 3-CD changer that will allow you to change the other CDs while playing one. The LBT-ZX6 560 watt system has a mic input, 5-CD changer, customizable equalizer settings and a SC Synchro Recording function for recording from CD. Both systems are $400 each and available immediately from Sony.

The LBT-ZX9 consists of an MP3 compatible system with a 5-CD changer and four speakers. It will be out in March for about $600.