Sony lops $100 off Blu-ray player price tag

Originally announced at $599, the BDP-S300 model next-gen DVD player will sell for $499 when it ships this week.

Well that was quick.

Back in February, Sony said the Blu-ray player to be released this summer would sell for $599. On Monday, Sony said the BDP-S300, which is now shipping, will actually sell for $499 instead. The latest version is slimmer than the original, but with many of the same features.

Considering that the original Sony Blu-ray player, the BDP-S1, was released just six months ago for $1,000, that's a pretty swift price drop. Though Sony attributed the price cut to lower production costs and higher demand for the Blu-ray technology, it's also an indication that the HD DVD-versus-Blu-ray battle is just getting started.

Toshiba's HD DVD player is already , after its debut at $500.