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Sony launches its Vaio TP1 Living Room PC, doesn't tell anyone

Sony's Vaio TP1 is in-house.

We're not sure why Sony hasn't made a bigger deal about its Vaio TP1 Living Room PC going on sale. Sony announced the existence of its round, Roomba-like system at this year's CES, and then we didn't hear much about it. After we found out at Sony's laptop launch last week that the TP1 was actually available, we got Sony to send us a review unit. It's in our lab right now, and we'll have the review up early next week. As Sony said all along, this system will not have the higher-end trappings of your typical HTPC, so no HD optical drive, and no CableCard slot. It does have an HDMI output, as well as a slick-looking, scaled-down wireless keyboard. Stayed tuned for our full coverage once we put this thing through its paces.

Sony's Vaio TP1 Living Room PC, live and on our labs bench. CNET