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Sony launches affordable, HD, optionally crazy-colored Vaio E series

Sporting an edge-to-edge keyboard, Core i3 or i5 processor, and a 15.5-inch screen, the Vaio E looks like be a bold and affordable multimedia laptop.

The Sony Vaio E Series Sony

Sony recently has made some very good HD media-focused laptops sporting big screens, most notably in their F and NW lines. While laptop prices keep dropping, Sony has announced a new line of multimedia laptops that offer new Intel processors and an aggressive price point.

The Sony Vaio E series has a large 15.5-inch screen in resolutions up to 1080p HD, as well as a full keyboard with number pad that runs edge-to-edge across the bottom width of the laptop. With an optional Blu-ray drive, the Vaio E could potentially offer as much as other Blu-ray Vaios do at a price range that Sony quotes as being "about $700." According to Sony's Web site, the Vaio E series prices start at $799.

See, we told you some of the Vaio E's color options were odd. Sony

The Vaio E's internal components look promising on its spec sheet. The Vaio E has dedicated ATI Mobility Radeon graphics with up to 512MB of video RAM, has either an Intel Core i3 or Core i5 CPU, and it offers hard drives up to 500GB in capacity.

Other notable ports and features include HDMI-out, an eSATA/USB combo port, and a face-tracking Webcam. Continuing a trend in recent Vaios, a discrete "WEB" button will launch up an instant Web browser for those too impatient to tolerate a Windows 7 boot.

If you like colors, a spectrum of "translucent high-gloss" case options are offered up in the E series: Caribbean Green, Iridescent Blue, Coconut White, Hibiscus Pink and Lava Black. Just in case the words "high gloss" freak you out in a laptop, muted colors are offered too: Maple Brown, Silver White and Gunmetal. Sony is now taking preorders on its Web site. Judging by the combinations of colors and optional keyboard skins displayed there, some bold color options are possible, to say the least.