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Sony in brilliantly crude Avril Lavigne product placement

In a new video that has Lavigne kissing Winnie from "The Wonder Years," Sony insists on getting the singer to call her Xperia phone her "Sony phone." Marvelous.

Phoning it in? Oh, no.
AvrilLavigne/Vevo Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

There are two lines from the new Avril Lavigne video that storm the mind and capture the soul.

One comes from Danica McKellar (you might know her as Winnie from "The Wonder Years"): "No one could lick his own balls like he could."

The other comes from Lavigne herself: "Oh, my new Sony phone is ringing."

It's a curious turn of phrase, riven with a certain sense that someone in a suit might have ordered her to use it during this, the visual debut for her originally titled song "Rock N Roll."

Should you not be a fan of one of Canada's great artists, please don't fear. This quite disarmingly gauche piece of product placement comes right at the beginning of the video.

It's like a Rock N Pre-Roll.

It's followed by Lavigne removing her Xperia from a water-filled vase where she keeps it. It's water resistant, don't you know?

"Well, how much more obvious can I make it?" she says into the phone.

Though she's supposed to be talking to a man at the other end, I couldn't help but imagine that she's talking about the product placement.

So many times in movies and videos, we know the product's there because there's a depressing freeze frame before the action moves along.

Alternatively, we see products prominently displayed where they seem to have no obvious relevance either to the setting or the action.

Here, instead, it's as if Lavigne is saying: "They paid. They made me do this. Let's, um, rock and roll."

The phone plays no further part in the proceedings.

However, those in search of eternal excitement will be pleased that Lavigne moves from her Xperia to an experience.

Yes, she kisses Winnie.