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Sony gets in your face with upgraded personal 3D viewer

The headsets are coming, the headsets are coming! The disturbing trend of consumer electronics companies wanting to perch on your mug continues.

Would you wear one? (Click to enlarge.)

Coinciding with many other announcements during its presser today at the IFA 2012 confab in Berlin, Sony quietly launched the HMZ-T2 personal 3D head-mounted display.

The headset -- vastly similar to its predecessor (the HMZ-T1) -- contains two small 0.7-inch OLED (organic light-emitting diode) displays placed in front of the wearer's eyes that simulate a big screen and can display 2D/3D content from any HDMI source. Crave sent Sony an e-mail to see if the HMZ-T2 offers the same 720-pixel resolution and picture quality as before, which seems likely, as T2's marketing babble reads very much like that of the HMZ-T1. We'll let you know.

Who wouldn't want to get up close and personal with a couple of vibrant OLED screens? (Click to enlarge.) Sony Europe

So what's really changed with the HMZ-T2 in this incremental upgrade? It appears the tweaks have mostly to do with design and weight. Sony dropped the built-in headphones, and now you can use whatever ear digs you like to hear virtual 5.1 surround sound. The headpiece also weighs 20 percent less than the previous version, coming in at seven-tenths of a pound.

It appears the HMZ-T2 might sport a slight upgrade to its actual visual performance as well -- Sony speaks of a 24-pixel True Cinema option, as well as a Clear mode for gaming.

Crave also checked in with Sony's U.S. sleeve to learn more about when we should expect the HMZ-T2, and how many simoleons it should cost. Stay tuned.

The HMZ-T2's profile looks like some sort of robo-fish. (Click to enlarge.)