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Sony finally offers proper Skype headset bundle for the PSP

A new bundle combines the two accessories--previously only available separately--that are needed to make Skype phone calls on the PSP.

PSP Skype Headset
The "new" PSP Skype Headset

When we reviewed the Sony PSP Headset a few months ago, we determined that it worked perfectly fine with the console's newly enabled Skype feature--so long as you scrounged up the accessory extension cable needed to enable the two-way communication function. The problem was that the headset didn't include the cable: you needed to buy another set of Sony headphones--the PSP earbuds--just to get the included cable. It was one of those corporate catch 22s that seems to be par for the course in the world of consumer electronics.

Thankfully, Sony has finally addressed the issue. The Sony Skype Headset Kit for PSP bundles the headset and the remote extension cable into one package, all for a tidy $30. Another advantage: the extension cable is now black instead of white, so it matches both the headset and the color scheme of most PSPs. It's available now at a variety of online retailers, including Amazon and For Skype users who are always toting their PSPs through Wi-Fi-friendly environs, it's a pretty good deal. Just remember that the headset--and the Skype functionality--only work on newer PSP 2000 ("slim PSP") models, not the original PSP units.

Source: Amazon via Gizmodo