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Sony Ericsson: streaming music made easy

Sony Ericsson MBR-100: Bluetooth streamer

The vast choice of mobile phone accessories gives Crave a pounding headache. We rarely find something genuinely worth spending our hard-earned cash on. "Yet again, mobile phone companies are trying to sell us stuff we don't need," we think to our amalgamated Borg-self. But Sony Ericsson's MBR-100 might just change our mind(s).

Crave UK

This little electro-lozenge enables you to wirelessly blast tunes stored on your mobile phone through your hi-fi system or PC. A refreshing change from music screeching out of annoyingly crap 0.01W mobile phone loudspeakers, perhaps?

The MBR-100 is simple to connect. After pairing the device to a Sony Ericsson K800i we were pumping out the Wu-Tang Clan's Greatest Hits in no time. The quality was good, if not quite headphone standard, and we were hip-hopping with big grins all round.

The device also enables you to adapt wired headphones to connect by Bluetooth to a mobile phone. Great if you have a large phone you keep in a bag and you already own a wicked pair of wired headphones.

As with many Bluetooth products however, compatibility can be a bitch. The MBR-100 only supports stereo Bluetooth (A2DP), so make sure your phone has this feature.

If you play all your music on your PC, a Bluetooth dongle will do the job just fine and only set you back a tenner or so. In comparison, the £40 price tag for the MBR-100 is quite steep. Moreover, the device would be even better if you could transmit TV output to Bluetooth headphones as well, but sadly this feature has been overlooked. Nevertheless we recommend the MBR-100 for its easy-to-use connectivity. It's on sale now.

(Source: Crave UK)