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Sony Ericsson releases plenty of accessories

Sony Ericsson announces a host of music-related accessories.

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Nicole Lee

MDS-65 Music Desk Stand
MDS-65 Music Desk Stand Sony Ericsson

Not content to rest easy after its announcement of a slew of new cell phones and a Bluetooth watch, Sony Ericsson has also announced several new accessories as well. They are all music-related in some way or another, starting off with the MDS-65 Music Desk Stand, which acts as a portable speaker of sorts for your Sony Walkman phone, and the MMR-70 FM transmitter for playing music on a nearby FM radio.

MMR-70 FM Transmitter
MMR-70 FM Transmitter Sony Ericsson

And what's a cell phone accessory announcement without a few headsets? The HBH-DS200 is the only stereo Bluetooth headset in the group, and it has a few music player controls to access your music remotely. Two more regular wired headsets include the HPM-90, which has an LED display, and the HPM-83, which has a behind-the-ear headphone design.

HGE-100 GPS-enabler Sony Ericsson

HBH-DS200 stereo Bluetooth headset Sony Ericsson

Probably the most interesting accessory, however, is the HGE-100 headset. Not only can it play music, it's also a GPS enabler. It will provide you voice directions to your destination plus record distance traveled.

Pricing for these devices isn't available yet, though we're guessing they'll all be released before the end of the year.

HPM-90 wired headset Sony Ericsson

HPM-83 wired headset Sony Ericsson