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Sony: E-readers 'selling out around the world'

Not to be left out of the rosy e-reader sales game, Sony says demand is very strong for its e-readers, too, this holiday season.

Sony says the Touch Edition PRS-650 is outselling the less-expensive Pocket Edition PRS-350.

A little while back, Barnes & Noble Chairman Len Riggio said his company was straining to meet demand for its Nook Color for the holiday season. Then it was Amazon's turn to let it be known that it was selling millions of Kindles this holiday season. Now Sony, not wanting to be left out of the rosy e-reader numbers game, says that it's "expecting both the Reader Touch and Daily Editions will sell out around the world before the holidays," which we assume means Christmas.

A Sony rep e-mailed to say that Sony, too, had sold millions of Readers "around the world." He also pointed out that cost was not the deciding factor "it was predicted to be," as sales of the Reader Touch Edition PRS-650 (6-inch screen) had outpaced those of the Pocket Edition PRS-350 despite the difference in price.

Both models have much improved touch screens, but the PRS-650 has a larger 6-inch screen and some added features, whereas the PRS-350 has a 5-inch screen. The Daily Edition PRS-950 and its 7-inch touch screen is the only model to feature wireless connectivity, with both 3G and Wi-Fi. Best Buy is selling it for $250. (Though it's been out several weeks, Sony has only just started shipping review samples of the Daily Edition to reviewers.)

As you can see from this post, the phrase "around the world" has been mentioned a few times. That's because Sony markets its e-readers outside the U.S. and probably sells more Readers abroad than in the States. The Kindle is available in the U.K., whereas the Nook is sold exclusively in the U.S. We expect that will change with time, as both Amazon and Barnes & Noble make a push to export their e-readers to a global market.