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Sony debuts S-Series Walkman with onboard speakers

Sony's first speaker-endowed MP3 Walkmans are now official.


The new 8GB Sony NWZ-S544 and 16GB Sony NWZ-S545 we saw earlier are now official. Sony's first speaker-endowed MP3 Walkmans feature 2.4-inch 320x240-pixel (QVGA) LCD screens capable of 262k colors. The latest S-Series Walkman also boasts Sony's Clear Stereo and Clear Bass audio enhancement technologies, along with a dynamic normalizer and five-band equalizer.

Battery life is listed at 42 hours for audio playback and 6.5 hours with video on headphones, 17 hours for audio, and 5 hours with video while listening via the speakers.

Both players claim drag-and-drop file transfer, which is nothing new, and also offer compatibility with iTunes 8.1 and Windows Media Player. Apart from MP3, WMA, and AAC support, FM reception (with 30 presets) is included.

The S-Series Walkmans are capable of 30fps playback with the usual video formats like H264/AVC, MP4 and WMV. Measuring in at about 1.9 inches by 3.9 inches by just less than half an inch and weighing almost 2.5 ounces, this series comes in a choice of colors: black, red, violet, and pink. The new S-Series Walkmans will go on sale September 1; click here for the official specifications.

(Source: Crave Asia)

Editor's note: Though not mentioned in the original article, the big news here is the pricing for the new S-Series Walkman. The 8GB will sell for $110, while the 16GB will come with a suggested retail price of just $130--quite a steal for an MP3 player that's sure to offer impressive audio quality and battery life. Sounds like someone is trying to make up for the X-Series' exorbitant price tag.