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Sony celebrates a million Minis

The line of bite-size games announced last year has hit a milestone. Age of Zombies is top seller, Pac-Man Championship Edition coming.

Sony Minis promo
Is Mini the new huge?

Sony's tiniest games have made a big noise, as the company announced Wednesday that titles in the Minis line have been downloaded more than 1 million times globally since debuting nine months ago.

The software line was announced at GamesCom in August 2009 and hit the market alongside Sony's UMD-less PSP Go, which launched October 1. The Minis line, which is composed of titles generally priced under $10 and weighing in around 100MB in size, later expanded to the PlayStation 3 via a firmware update.

Additionally, the Minis section of the PlayStation Store has seen many updates since it launched last fall. The number of titles in the Minis library has expanded from 15 at launch to more than 85 from upward of 50 developers.

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