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Sony brings the high-end living room PC up-to-date

New Sony high-end living room PC.

The VAIO XL3 comes with all the living room bells and whistles.

We're sure Sony's VAIO XL3 Digital Living Room System will not be the last living room PC we hear of at the show with a laundry list of new features, but it might be the most comprehensive from a major PC vendor. A Blu-ray DVD burner, CableCard support for digital cable reception, and Windows Vista Home Premium are the highlights. By incorporating all of these new features into a system right away, Sony shows that, if it has given up on the standard desktop PC, it remains serious about the living room computer.

An Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB of memory, a 500GB hard drive, and a GeForce 7600 GTL graphics card with an HDMI output round out the specs. It also comes with both NTSC and ATSC tuners, for analog cable and over-the-air HD, respectively. That's a little shy of what we might expect from a typical $3,300 PC, but we also know that neither those Blu-ray burners nor the Sony-engineered component-style chassis (which we've seen before) come cheap. It hits the stores in March along with the rest of Sony's new PCs.