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Sony Alpha NEX-5N review: Will it click for you?

Sony confirms the mystery clicking noise during video, but there are other issues to consider before buying this compact interchangeable-lens model.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Updated 9/19/11: Clarification of Sony's comments on clicking per Engadget.

For those of you with a long history in tech, chances are that every time you hear the word "click" used negatively it's mentally chased by "of death." Whether the mystery noise recorded by the Sony Alpha NEX-5N turns out to be a click of death for the product remains to be seen, but Engadget got confirmation from Sony that it's real, though the company has no clue what's causing it or how widespread the issue might be--it could just be a bad first production lot, for example, or just a few vocal users who've heard it--and no idea as yet when/if a fix will be available or necessary. While most reports mention it occurs during panning I could hear it in a quiet room from simple hand shake and think it's a physical problem. That said, I didn't find it quite so noticeable in scenes with ambient noise. It's too bad, because the camera does a pretty good job shooting video otherwise.

Though I think lots of folks will hear the clicking noise during video, I've decided that the NEX design and interface doesn't really click for me as a photographer. The bodies feel too small relative to the lenses and I find them awkward to shoot, plus I find the navigation too cumbersome at times. So while there's a lot going for the camera, I seriously recommend you try shooting with it before you buy.

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