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Sonos BU250 music system gets Editors' Choice

An excellent touch-screen remote and equally usable iPhone remote app breathe new life into Sonos' excellent multiroom digital-audio system.

Multiroom in a box: The Bundle 250 retails for $999. CNET

Sonos is back for 2009 with a new version of its signature Digital Audio System. Like earlier iterations of the Sonos product, the new Bundle 250 lets you wirelessly access your computer's digital music collection as well as a wide range of Internet radio and streaming-audio services (Pandora, Last.fm, and--with paid subscriptions--Napster and Rhapsody) in two rooms of the house, with the option to expand that up to a whopping 32 rooms. But the latest Sonos system adds a major upgrade: the CR200 touch-screen remote.

If that wasn't good enough--and the remote is excellent--it can also be controlled by any iPhone or iPod Touch running a free application that's available via the iTunes App Store. The result is a whole-house music system that's easier to control than ever before.

What's the catch? The system costs a somewhat pricey $1,000. While that may seem like a lot, custom-installed systems can cost as much as $5,000 per room and they aren't as easy to use nor do they offer the level functionality found in this system. We were always impressed by Sonos' capability to access your home music collection and a variety of online music options, but the addition of the slick new touch-screen remote--and the iPhone/iPod Touch integration--gives the luxury digital audio system a compelling leg up on the competition.

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