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Sonos adding Twitter support

You'll soon be able to Tweet directly from your Sonos remote (or iPhone app).

Sonos Controller App with Twitter integration

Add the Sonos Digital Music System to the list of Twitter-friendly hardware platforms. The network music streamer (which recently garnered a CNET Editors' Choice Award) will be integrating the microblogging service into its CR200 touch-screen controller, its iPhone app, and its Windows and Mac Desktop Controller software later this fall. In the meantime, it's in beta testing.

According to Sonos, the Twitter function will allow users to post (or "tweet," in the parlance of our times) track and artist info with one click. More interesting for users of the free iPhone/iPod Touch Sonos app is that the built-in Twitter support should mean that frequent tweeters won't need to jump to and from their respective music and messaging apps (for sending outgoing messages, anyway). Let's just hope there's no option to automatically tweet every song in your playlist--there's already far too much Twitter spam as it is.

Sonos is just the latest gadget to add Twitter support. In addition to being available on a wide range of phones, Twitter apps can also be found on Fios DVRs and a variety of TVs using the Yahoo Widgets engine. Twitter will also be launching on the Xbox 360 later this fall.

What do you think: Is this cool, gimmicky, or somewhere in between? Share your thoughts below.