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Some of our favorite Nintendo 2DS jabs so far

Oh, snap! And we're not just talking about the lack of a hinge here. Word of Nintendo's new budget-friendly non-foldable handheld gaming device gets the jokes flowing.

Thank you, Nintendo, for livening up an otherwise humdrum late-August hump day by releasing the 2DS, a new portable gaming console that's unleashed a wave of Twitter hate and snark not seen since, well, the Batfleck brouhaha of a few days ago.

The device essentially delivers the 3DS experience without the 3D viewing. While some commentators call the mass-market-friendly $129.99 tag a smart move that will appeal to parents ahead of the holiday season (another possible bonus for the kid crowd: there's no hinge to break), others are opting for a simpler analysis involving adjectives such as "dumb," "ugly," and yes, even "fugly."

Care to see just how offended some of the tech-following masses find this device's design? Here, in no particular order, are just a handful of tweets that made us laugh, including a couple by our very own CNET techsperts. Of course, Nintendo's likely to have the last laugh, selling a ton of these devices in the months to come.

1. Putting it in global perspective

2. Easy to use (says a parody account for the president and CEO of Sony)

3. Plus, it causes existential angst

4. The perfect ad

5. Another explanation

6. Hammering the point home

7. Strong gut reaction

8. A console for kids -- and lovers

9. It multitasks!

10. Wait, wasn't April a few months ago?