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Some iPhone 4 owners report discolored screens

Yellow spots or discolored screens on the new iPhone 4 are being reported before the device is officially available in stores.

Reports are trickling in from early recipients of iPhone 4 of screen discoloration problems.
Reports are trickling in from early recipients of iPhone 4 of screen discoloration problems. Gizmodo

The iPhone 4 won't be available in stores until Thursday, but the reviews are coming in from those who were able to get their hands on them ahead of time. Despite a mostly warm reception, there are already scattered reports of defective screens.

By Wednesday afternoon Gizmodo and MacRumors had reports from 20 people with a brand new iPhone 4 who say there is a yellow discolored area on the screen, or an overall yellow hue to the display even after adjusting the phone's display settings. In most cases, the users say Apple has offered to replace the phone.

The new Retina displayis supposed to be one of the biggest improvements to the iPhone. CEO Steve Jobs said at WWDC two weeks ago that "the display is the most important component of the entire phone." Jobs said the Retina display makes fonts appear sharper and is better than an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display, which is used in some smartphones and televisions for its high pixel density.

The new Retina display isn't the first time Apple has dealt with reports of defective displays. When the latest model of the iMac desktop began shipping in early 2010, there were widespread reports of people whose 27-inch iMacs had yellowed or flickering displays. Apple eventually acknowledged the issue and offered refunds to those customers.

Though some began receiving their preordered phone Tuesday and Wednesday, the majority of iPhone 4 customers will have to wait until Thursday to get one. If you experience similar discoloration problems on your iPhone 4's display, we'd like to hear about it in the comments section.