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Web is crawling with speculation over report on Zendaya's 'Spider-Man' role

Her casting was confirmed earlier this year, but new reports about the part the singer-actress may be playing have shaken up social media.

Zendaya, shown here at the 2015 BET Awards, will have a role in the next "Spider-Man" movie, and it could be a big one.
Christopher Polk/BET/Getty Images

Spoiler warning: Don't read this story if you don't want speculation about the upcoming "Spider-Man" reboot.

Back in March, it was announced that actress-singer Zendaya would play a key role in the 2017 Spider-Man reboot "Spider-Man: Homecoming." And in July at Comic-Con, director Jon Watts told Entertainment Weekly that Zendaya was playing someone named Michelle. That led to speculation that she'd be playing comic-book character Michelle Gonzales. (Not everyone loved that idea.)

But is Michelle a code name for another woman's name that starts with M? Here's that possible spoiler: On Thursday, The Wrap reported that Zendaya will play Mary Jane Watson, Peter Parker's longtime girlfriend.

Marvel, Sony and Zendaya herself did not comment on the report, but fans didn't need confirmation to take the report and run with it.

Many were thrilled.

To no one's surprise who's ever read social media, the racial issue -- Zendaya's mother is white, her dad African-American -- angered some, and was argued down by others. The report comes on the heels of another race-blind casting that created a bit of a stir, that of actress Noma Dumezweni as Hermione Granger in the London stage play "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child."

Others were less concerned with Zendaya's skin color than her hair color, but pointed out Mary Jane's famous red mane is only a dye job away.

Even the writer of the "Amazing Spider-Man" comic weighed in.

How accurate is The Wrap's scoop? New York Magazine's Vulture column believes it's true and also has some info about how the character's identity was set to be revealed in the film. Still a rumor, but this one's looking as solid as Peter Parker's inferiority complex.