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Solar OLED embedded in green-tech book

A 600-page German compendium of green-tech heavyweights comes packaged with a solar-powered book light.

The limited edition version of 'Gruen Produzieren' sports an OLED developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems and produced by the STI Group.
STI Group

The book "Gruen Produzieren" (aka "Green Production Technologies") came out this week sporting a little solar flair.

It's a who's who of green-tech innovators in Germany that includes corporate leaders as well as current green-tech projects at research centers.

The book, which was edited by the German Engineering Association in conjunction with the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, was packaged with a limited-edition cover embedded with a solar-powered organic light-emitting diode.

The OLED system, which is powered by a single solar cell embedded in the book's spine, was developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems in Dresden, Germany, and produced by a specialty packaging company called the STI Group.

"Gruen Produzieren" was presented at a launch party this week in the House of Nations pavilion at Hannover Messe, an annual technology trade fair in Hanover, Germany.

To our knowledge this is the first book to ever come with its own solar-powered OLED. But it's easy to see the point "Gruen Produxieren" was trying to drive home. Many, many researchers have been saying the OLED lighting market, as well as the OLED display market, are poised to surge in the coming years.