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Solar Electric Scooter takes a shine to green transport

Electric scooters are getting greener with the launch of a crowdfunding project for a scooter with a solar panel on the foot platform.

Solar Electric Scooter solar panel
A little solar goes a long way.
Solar Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are being positioned as eco-friendly alternatives to traveling everywhere in your car. What could make an electric scooter even more green? How about a built-in solar panel? The Solar Electric Scooter does just what its name suggests: gives you a lift with an assist from the sun.

We've seen sleeker scooters (like the MUV-e) and weirder scooters (like the ZeitEco). The Solar Electric Scooter's claim to fame is right underfoot where the solar panel is built into the vehicle.

The scooter can go up to 20 miles on a charge at speeds up to 15 mph. You can charge it either by plugging it in like a regular electric scooter, or letting the solar panel do its work. If you're going strictly by sun, it can take eight hours to fully charge the battery. It takes about four hours from a regular wall plug. Most people will likely go for a combination of the two charging techniques.

A crowdfunding project on When You Wish has the scooters available for a $1,500 early bird pledge, or $1,900 at the regular pledge price. The goal is to raise $100,000 to put the vehicle into production. Currently, the project's creators have working prototypes in action.

The sub-$2,000 price tag isn't bad for an electric scooter, especially when you consider the green cred the solar panel gives you. Plus, it's kind of cool to think you could ride your scooter to work, chain it up in a sunny spot, and scoot home on solar power.

Solar Electric Scooter on beach
The Solar Electric Scooter gets some sunbathing in. Solar Electric Scooters