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Social Gaming Network acquires virtual-pet app

SGN acquires for an undisclosed sum FluffFriends, created for Facebook's platform as a side project by a Google engineer.

It's the M&A deal of the century: FluffFriends got bought!

The virtual-pet application built on Facebook's platform, which once permitted me to display a penguin named Bill Gates on my profile and invite friends to give him a nice hug, has officially been acquired by the Social Gaming Network. A price was not disclosed.

I named him Bill Gates. FluffFriends

FluffFriends makes money through a virtual currency that translates to real cash, with which members purchase items to spruce up their pets. A release from the Social Gaming Network said that since January, the game makes an average of 192 percent more revenue per paid player, and members spend an average of 143 percent more per transaction.

Of note: FluffFriends was actually created by a Google engineer, Mike Sego.

Last month, the Social Gaming Network announced funding from founder Jeff Bezos' investment firm. It was already backed by $15 million in a round led by Greylock Partners.