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Sochi Twitter rage directed to wrong account

The Twitter account @ioc isn't, in fact, owned by the International Olympic Committee. It's the feed for the Open Institute of Catalonia. So much anti-Olympic bile is being wasted.

How did they secure that handle?
Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

There could be several reasons why you might currently feel uncomfortable with the International Olympic Committee.

There's the fact that it seems to be holding the Olympic Games in a city where there are gay bars but no gay people. At least according to Sochi's mayor.

There's also the general tenor of antigay fervor that seems to be spreading through the loins of many a Russian politician.

There's even the US television coverage, which tends not always to respect the concept of showing an event live.

Should you, therefore, wish to exercise your raging self-expression, may I suggest you don't do it on the @ioc Twitter account?

I am grateful to my colleague Kent German for pointing out that this is the Twitter feed for the Institut Obert de Catalunya.

This entity is the Open Institute of Catalonia, which is more interested in education than, say, rolling around an icy track feet-first.

The words "Open" and "Catalonia" might serve to indicate that this is not the place for saying, as twitterer RockStarBadBoy did: "?? Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic @UN and @IOC ALIEN Propaganda Sponsored by WHITE MONEY TAXES TREASON #NRA #cpartyusa #GOP #teaparty."

It is not the place to muse, as Sean Minogue did: "Sincerely hope bringing the Winter #Olympics to Russia was the @IOC's misguided way of drawing attention to human rights abuses. #Sochi2014."

And it is definitely not the place for Carsen Campbell to offer: "@DepressedDarth Amazing I thought the @ioc had approved Lightsaber Battling as a demonstration sport for #Olympics2014 Time to lobby for it."

Instead, should you wish to express your personal disturbance at any aspect of the International Olympic Committee's, you should go to @iocmedia.

This nirvana of peace and love is currently glistening with the joy and optimism that only the Olympics can bring to the world.

Naturally, it is not for me to tell you how you should emit your feelings.

My own, though, are moved that the Institut Obert de Catalunya has managed to hold onto its handle in the face of such a strong political colossus as the International Olympic Committee.

Or perhaps the latter, not a universally beloved entity, prefers it that way.

A little different. Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET