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So stupendous living in this YouTube

An inside look at the series of tubes that makes up the world's most famous video site. CNET's James Martin takes you on a tour of the video site's headquarters.

Thanks to users around the world watching hundreds of millions of videos each week, YouTube has taken self-produced video to another level. Sure, we still watch and rewatch silly cat videos, ranting diatribes, and painful accidents, but as the Google site grows, it is becoming an important distribution platform for more serious forms of films, news and music entrepreneurs.

Behind the scenes, the 300 employees at the San Bruno, Calif.-based company are seeking new ways to energize and monetize the medium. Engineers and product managers are integrating new elements into the YouTube platform every day, finding ways to build the site and share more video experiences.

From rentals, to API development to the future of YouTube viewing, take a look inside the world's most popular video-sharing venue.