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So much wine, so little time...keep track of it with this

Gadget for organizing your wine collection.


OK, so, you guys all seem to like the booze gadgetry. Here on Crave we've featured solutions for measuring wine temperature, making sure you don't drink too much, and even making one's own wine, but we've never addressed the oenophile's true problem. How do you keep track of all your pinots, shirazes, chardonnays, and what-have-yous? I mean, you really need to maintain a close watch on that stuff. You never know when the neighbors' kids will sneak in and nab a few bottles.

That's what the eSommelier is for. For just $8,000--I mean, you've probably got several bottles of ancient cabernet sauvignon that cost way more than that, right?--you can buy this little gadget, which will maintain an inventory of your entire collection. It comes with a bar code scanner and printer so you don't have to enter all the funny numbers in yourself (not that the wines from 1650 have bar codes, natch) and there's even network connectivity so that you can organize the contents of your cellar while vacationing in Napa. Ooh, so techy!

One caveat: You might not want to operate this thing under the influence.

(Via Uncrate.)