Snuggle up with Mars: Planetary blankets warm you with space science

These fleece blankets will warm the hearts and bodies of aspiring astronauts and space fans alike. Jupiter has never been so cuddly.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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Jupiter blanket
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Jupiter blanket

Jupiter is friendly in fleece form.


You may never get a chance to travel to Mars, but the Red Planet can come to you in the form of a round fleece blanket with a photo-accurate print from NASA.

ThinkGeek's exclusive planetary blankets come in your choice of Earth, Mars or Jupiter and are made from polyester. They require hand washing, which gives you the perfect out for that office party you were dreading: "I'm sorry, boss, I have to stay in and hand-wash Mars."

This might just be the thing to wrap around your shoulders on those cold nights when you're sitting in your backyard with a telescope and a camera, attempting to get a clear image of Jupiter to share with your amateur astrophotography buddies.

The Earth blanket would make for an ideal gift for your good friend and rap star B.o.B., who famously insisted the world is flat earlier this year. Physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, however, will appreciate the blankets for their use of accurate NASA photographs. They're detailed enough to easily pick out the eye of Jupiter and individual craters on Mars.

The blankets go for $29.99 (about £21, AU$40) each. You might want to collect all three since they'll go great with your moon-inspired lamp and Mission Control Desk. Plus, you can enact your own sci-fi doomsday scenarios where Earth goes wildly out of orbit and crashes into Mars. (Call me for the film rights, Michael Bay!)

Each blanket is 60 inches (152 centimeters) in diameter, so that means they're not to scale with each other. In real life, Jupiter is 11 times the diameter of Earth. But that's just picking nits. What really matters is that you can lie on your couch, binge-watch Star Wars and pull Jupiter tight around your shoulders in a warm space embrace.

Mars blanket

Enjoy some snuggles with Mars.