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Snow day chant: 'House of Cards,' now now now!

Net noise about season two of the Neflix hit show pile up like snow in a blizzard Thursday as people try to redefine "video on demand."

House of Cards
Despite an Internet outcry, the season two premiere of House of Cards proceeded according to schedule.
Video screenshot by Michael Franco/CNET

All the snow that's been pounding the East Coast lately is really getting to people. Take Thursday's Internet outburst related to the hit Netflix show "House Of Cards."

People took to the netwaves to try to bully Netflix into releasing the show a day ahead of its scheduled 3 a.m. Friday premiere time. The reason for the outcry? Apparently, viewers felt they couldn't survive a snow day at home without having Kevin Spacey's warm southern drawl keeping them toasty in front of their TVs.

Seems things were started by a post on Slate's culture blog Brow Beat, written by David Haglund, in which he penned an open letter to Netflix asking for an early release of the show.

"I know you have a whole host of viewing options, but the only thing that will keep us entertained for the amount of time we have to kill is a gripping, twisty drama 'designed to be binge-watched,' like, say, House of Cards," he wrote. "And not the first season. We watched that already. It was great! Now we need Season 2. Today."

Oddly enough, the cry was picked up by Alex Conant, press secretary for Florida Senator Marco Rubio. Florida! The only state out of all 50 that's completely snow-free according to a map produced by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration! Conant Tweeted: "If/when DC shuts down for blizzard Thursday, @netflix would be smart to make new @HouseofCards available one day early."

This led to a flurry of tweets and the creation of the Twitter hashtag #ReleaseHouseOfCards. A few of my favorites:

There was even a petition created by Philadelphian Kellan White on that got 109 signatures with people siting various reasons for signing. My favorite came from Ken Stachnik in Sunnyside, New York who said: "Because David Fincher is my spirit animal." (Fincher is the show's executive producer.) While it might have been a great PR move for Netflix to have caved and released "House of Cards" a day early, a company spokesman said, "Hunker down and re-watch season one so you are good and ready," CNN reports.

This displeased at least one fan, who, clearly misunderstanding the meaning of "video on demand" tweeted:

If all this "House of Cards" talk has got you salivating for a peek at season two, here you go...