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Snore-activated pillow gives loud snoozers a nudge

This snore-activated nudging pillow won't sleep on the job. It detects vibrations from snoring and prods the sleeper into changing positions.

Snore pillow
This pillow will be your snore-stopping buddy.
Hammacher Schlemmer

Anyone who has ever tried to sleep through the night next to a snorer knows how challenging it can be. It goes like this: Snooze. Snore! Nudge. "Hey, turn over." Snooze. And repeat. If that sounds familiar, maybe you're ready for a $150 pillow that handles the nudging duties for you.

The snore-activated nudging pillow comes (naturally) from weird-gadget purveyor Hammacher Schlemmer. It contains a microphone and air bladder. When the pillow detects sonic vibrations from snoring, it inflates an extra three inches, enough to encourage the noisemaker to shift positions.

The pillow can be set to trigger inflation due to light or heavy snoring and it runs using an AC adapter. The inflation level can also be controlled manually.

Let's review the positives of this pillow. It may help with snoring issues without involving your partner in elbowing you and telling you to turn over. On the other hand, you have to plug in your pillow, which is a little weird. If you're prone to rolling about a lot at night, you might have to contend with getting tangled up in a power cord. Also, while a nudge might help people whose snoring is mainly related to their sleep position, the pillow isn't a snoring cure-all. Still, if your relationship is suffering from snore-related friction, it might be worth a shot.

Snore-stopping pillow
This might save your relationship. Hammacher Schlemmer

(Via PSFK)