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Snoop Dogg to Zuckerberg: Let's buy a sports team

A tweet from the famous rapper asks Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg to get in touch with a view to entering the highly lucrative world of pro sports.

If you want to know something very important about someone very important, just ask his sister.

When it comes to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, one doesn't need to, as she is hugely kind in offering friendly nuggets via her Twitter feed.

May I thank Randi Zuckerberg, therefore, for offering the news that rapper and muse Snoop Dogg wants to go into business with her brother, Mark.

Snoop tweeted: "Ayo sumbody tell Zuckerberg to holler at me. He n I need go buy a pro sports team tgether."

I would not have known about this tweet, as I have failed to follow the Dogg. However, I would be bereft without Facebook marketer Randi Zuckerberg's real-time updates of her life and times, which included relaying this Doggy tweet.

Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Snoop Dogg's tweet does, though, incite a couple of important questions.

Firstly, to Snoop: It's interesting to see that you believe that Mark Zuckerberg--who seems to be rather wealthier and, dare one say, more powerful, than you--should call you, and not vice versa. I know that you're slightly cooler than the Facebook CEO. But it's not as if he really courts the cool contingency, is it?

Secondly, to Snoop: Is your representation so poorly networked, socially speaking, that it doesn't already have Mark Zuckerberg's phone number? You really mean that your people have no idea how to get a hold of his people? You call your people "people"?

Thirdly, to Mark: Are you into sports? Really into sports? I mean, you could surely have waved a Caesar-like thumb and bought the Golden State Warriors before venture capitalist Joe Lacob and friends beat Oracle's Larry Ellison.

However, the opportunity, should you be an "Entourage" watcher (and I think that you might be), is to take my San Diego Chargers of the NFL and move them to Los Angeles. Perhaps you might think of renaming them the LA Friends. Or even the LA Pokes.

Wouldn't that be one in their beady eye to all those mean folks in Hollywood, who made a petulant movie about your alleged past?