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SNL's Seth Meyers pours cold water on Kindle Fire

Amazon's new Kindle Fire is clearly important enough to deserve a joke on "Saturday Night Live." It doesn't come out too well.

I know that many people are feeling very passionate about Amazon's new Kindle Fire.

It provides a wonderful alternative to the iPad, the Apple store, and the need to show off your latest gadget to your lover over a candlelit dinner.

So I am grateful to AllThingsD for having sat up late last night to watch "Saturday Night Live." There, the collected wits decided to expose one slight chink in the Fire's fanning flames: its potential lack of cachet.

So here we have Seth Meyers bringing us the latest news.

At the 45-second mark of the video I've embedded, Meyers announces the Fire launch. He explains that it's a challenge to the iPad (which, arguably, it isn't at all, but still).

Meyers then offers an important observation on the Fire: "It's expected to sell well among parents who always buy the wrong thing."

How many kids this Xmas will open up their little rectangular gift boxes and discover that Mom and Dad are on a budget this year? Think of the tears, the shame, the recalcitrant gnashing of teenage gum-chewing jaws.

Still, I'm told that the Fire is already a very popular buy in the patent trolling industry. Apparently everyone there is already revving up their black ambulances in excitement about the number of touch-screen interface and cloud services patents the Fire might have allegedly transgressed.