Hiding from family at Thanksgiving? Target's got your back

Political discussions may mess with your holiday meal, but there's a flask hidden in the blue Play-Doh -- at least in the "SNL" version of Target.

Political divides will make for some uncomfortable discussions during Thanksgiving dinner this week. If that's the case, you may be looking for a neutral zone. "Saturday Night Live" aired a fake commercial that really hit the, uh, target.

Where to get away from blue-red divisiveness over the holiday? Take yourself to Target, according to a fake ad that aired Saturday night on "SNL."

The ad's apolitical. It doesn't suggest which side of the political fence that hider-outer Cecily Strong is on, though you can fill in the blank. Instead it shows her texting a pal about bubbling-over tensions at home, and using Target's spacious parking lot to chill out, bang her head on the steering wheel, and even make eye contact with a sympathetic hider who's doing the same thing.

The skit gets even better once she ventures into the store, where understanding staff have hidden a liquor flask in the blue Play-Doh, invite her to lie down in the toy aisle and lounge with her in beanbag chairs. (Surprisingly, host Kristin Wiig's Target Lady doesn't show up, but the sketch scores anyway.)

Target hadn't tweeted about the ad at press time. But come on, you just know some folks at corporate headquarters are watching this over and over and over.