'SNL' skewers hoverboards

Technically Incorrect: After numerous reports of safety issues, hoverboards get the treatment on "Saturday Night Live." "

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

A flaming good idea?

SNL/YouTube screenshot by CNET

Everyone is loving hoverboards -- kids, adults, even criminals.

There's one problem, though. They may not be safe. There are reports of hoverboards catching fire or exploding. Some airlines have banned them for this very reason, and Amazon has stopped selling several brands.

It was almost inevitable then that "Saturday Night Live" would hover over them and drop a little scorn their way.

"How do they explode so well?" asks the skit broadcast on Saturday evening.

"SNL" suggests that these devices were made by the same people who brought you lasers you can direct into the eyes of landing pilots.

Other than the safety concerns, there's another thing I find upsetting about hoverboards: They don't actually hover.