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SNL's sappy new 'Black Widow' trailer featuring Scarlett Johansson

Technically Incorrect: What? Marvel can't make a female superhero movie? Oh, just look at this, as Black Widow juggles her internship at Fashion Weekly with a love life and the other stuff.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Black Widow finds love. Or does she? It's not easy. SNL/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

You'll likely be delighted that this weekend the world that has been (yet again) saved by Marvel superheroes.

As the latest Avengers movie soars to box office heights, you'll likely have not asked yourself the largest philosophical question of our day: Does Marvel have no idea how to make a female superhero movie?

Thankfully, Saturday Night Live asked that question for you. And answered it with the new "Black Widow" trailer featuring Scarlett Johansson. (Video doesn't play in all countries.) The movie is called "Black Widow: Age of Me." Because "Eat, Pray, Love and Save Humanity" was already taken.

It's not easy being a female superhero. You have your internship at Fashion Weekly to deal with. And then there's your love life. What love life?

Black Widow doesn't have much time for guys. And why would she want a regular guy when she could have a superhero?

Superheroes have their drawbacks, however. When they unzip their pants, what emerges might not be the expected. Nor, indeed, the human. It might also make noises with which a real woman -- or even a sex toy manufacturer -- isn't familiar.

Then there's what happens when your superhero boyfriend gets upset. He can cause a lot of damage. And we're not just talking the emotional kind.

Moreover, if Black Widow and her boyfriend have a fight, it's not going to be an ordinary fight, is it? It's going to be a drag down, gory, last superhero standing kind of thing.

Still, you can imagine this being a vast Valentine's Day hit. Warring couples will use it as their last resort in solving their relationships, after their couples counselor has finally given up the ghost.