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Watch the 'SNL' crew race against time to tear down the set

"Thirty seconds, come on! That big wall's gotta go!" Engrossing video shows the invisible miracles stagehands pull off every week.

In two minutes, I can maybe pour a cup of coffee, or feed the cats, or answer an email.

But in that brief time, the crew of NBC's "Saturday Night Live" can transform an entire stage set, turning it from a president-elect-Trump-meets-Putin scene to an open and decorated stage where the band is playing and host Casey Affleck is strolling out.

A behind-the-scenes video posted on Wednesday shows that "SNL" stagehands have the speed and aplomb of a Formula 1 pit crew.

Once the presidential skit ends, the action goes into fast-motion. Flower arrangements fly past, entire walls are whisked away, rugs are rolled up and carried off.

The work is impressive, and made more nerve-wracking by the countdown from the control-room crew. Will they make it?

"We gotta go, we gotta go, one minute," someone calls. Stagehands stream onto the set like black-clad ants, hammering at a huge wall that doesn't want to give way. "Thirty seconds, come on! That big wall's gotta go!"

Even if you've never broken down a set in your life, there's a sweet sense of satisfaction in watching the skilled team execute the teardown so flawlessly. And all invisible to the TV audience's eyes. Live, from New York, it's Saturday Night.