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'SNL' ruthlessly mocks Trump's spelling, calls him Putin's gift

Commentary: If you thought 'Saturday Night Live' would go easy on the president-elect and his Twitter account, think again.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Santa has lost weight.

SNL/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

The writers on "Saturday Night Live" resisted the urge to be infused with the spirit of Christmas.

Instead, they had Vladimir Putin play Santa.

But first there was the compulsory joke about Donald Trump spelling "unprecedented" as "unpresidented" in a Saturday morning tweet.

It was a mundane jape about Trump's proposed Energy Secretary Rick Perry having "unpresidented" energy, because he appeared on "Dancing With The Stars."

To liven things up, Putin slid down Trump's chimney, just as some allege he's slid into the governmental processes of our nation.

"I composed an email [to you], but I haven't even sent it yet," said a delighted Trump (played as usual by Alec Baldwin).

"I know," replied Putin (a perfectlysized Beck Bennett).

Trump didn't realize that Putin was coming, so he didn't have a gift.

"Please, Mr. Trump," said a magnanimous Putin. "You are the gift."

Then proposed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson wandered in, played by John Goodman. Some allege he's a good friend of Putin. Here, then, he was only too delighted to see the Russian president and plot with him, while Trump looked on, a touch slow to it all.

While our election process has, in some sense, been the gift that keeps on giving to comedy writers, they've still struggled to make it anything more than reality TV.

How can they keep up with the twisted plot lines, the subterfuge, the invective and, most of all, with the torrent of unpresidented tweets? They can't.