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SNL reenacts Chris Christie meme and targets Trump for racism

Technically Incorrect: Was Chris Christie really being held captive, as seemed to some last week? 'Saturday Night Live' offers its view. And a whole lot more that's already riling the Web.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.


He's frightened. He's really frightened.

SNL screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Last week, the Twitterati were worried.

After Chris Christie appeared behind a triumphant Donald Trump on Super Tuesday, some wondered whether his eyes were betraying too many of his thoughts. They seemed like fearful thoughts. Twitter wanted to #FreeChrisChristie.

The man himself insisted he hadn't been captured at all. However, "Saturday Night Live" isn't so sure. The show reenacted the scene and showed Christie's eyes (actually Bobby Moynihan's) popping out of his head as Trump extolled his own virtues, including the legendary measurements of his appendage.

Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz and Mitt Romney didn't escape the satire, but somehow any satire aimed at them feels benign when compared with the targeting of Trump.

In this skit, Trump was seen to be extolling the support of "racists, ugly racists and people who didn't even know they were racists."

But then SNL offered a Donald Trump campaign ad.

This had a soft tone and a very hard message. Yes, leaving aside the supposed length of Trump's fingers, he (and many of his supporters) were being fingered as straight-up racists.

This has already stirred Twitter to fulminate and point its own fingers. Many offered their admiration that SNL was finally revealing the Trump campaign for what it is -- to them, at least.

Some, though, might be more moved by the whole thing if SNL hadn't actually had Trump host its own show.

Perhaps then it all seemed funny. A joke that would go viral and allow the intelligentsia its secret giggles.

Now, though, as it appears Trump could win, SNL feels free not only to deride him but everyone who votes for him.

Yet vote they do for the man man the New York Times' Maureen Dowd called "The Creature From The Black Lagoon."

A black lampoon may not be enough to dissuade them.