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SNL mocks Tidal streaming service as incompetent

Technically Incorrect: When the Britney Spears stream is about to die, Ariana Grande is co-opted to save the day. It turns out to be an "Undercover Boss" episode.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.


Can Ariana Grande save Tidal?

SNL screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

I've yet to encounter anyone who feels deeply about Tidal's streaming music service.

Except for Kanye, that is.

There again, I'm not sure too many people are passionate about Apple Music either. It's there. It talks me into using it by dint of exclusives. OK, then.

Tidal, though, has become a special case because it goes through executives like some performers go through lovers.

Arcade Fire's frontman Win Butler has admitted that the launch was mismanaged. My colleague Xiomara Blanco worries that Tidal is deeply irrelevant.

"Saturday Night Live" decided to mock Jay Z's brainchild as, well, slightly incompetent.

Here we are at Tidal central. It seems a threadbare affair. There's a confidence that everything is streaming smoothly. It's quickly shown to be overconfidence.

The Britney Spears stream turns to a trickle. Enter Chloe the intern. Astonishingly, she's a very good singer. It helps that she's played by Ariana Grande.

But then the Shakira stream goes down, closely followed by the Rihanna.

Is this the sort of crisis Tidal has to deal with every day?

Thankfully Chloe steps in to impersonate everyone but, well, Ariana Grande. (She's not a big fan.)

When your service becomes the butt of such humor -- even if it's ultimately revealed to be an "Undercover Boss" episode -- you have to worry. Especially after rumors that Samsung would buy the service were denied by the Korean company.

Still, Tidal does have Kanye who claims that the service is gaining more and more downloads all the time.

But what if the Kanye stream goes down? Who will impersonate him?

There's surely no one.